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Company Profile

After a combined 50 years and successful execution of 350 million dollars in construction programs with the prestigious construction management firm Humphreys and Harding, Mr Tom Morris and Mr John Connelly in July, 2001 started DCBE Inc, General Contracting and Construction Management.

Recognized by many owners throughout the tri state area for their unsurpassed technical and job management skills, Mr Morris and Mr Connelly have thrived in the rough and tumble proving ground of New York City. DCBE Inc personnel are proficient in planning, identifying key responsibilities and establishing project management control systems that track and expedite administrative and field progress. Identifying and anticipating problems while offering practical solutions have proven to be the cornerstone of their consistent success. DCBE Inc. uses timely interactive reporting systems that are tailored to each customer, helping to consistently meet and exceed their expectations

Quality and production are achieved through committed subcontractors and DCBE, Inc. tradesmen, who have worked with both principals over the past decade. Every building team assembled by Mr Morris and Mr Connelly is organized to achieve the end user's project desires and requirements. The desire and drive to satisfy the customer is a company value that will never be compromised.

Mr. Morris and Mr. Connelly take pride in being considered practical builders. They believe sharing information with the customer is a true baseline for establishing confidence: problems are not concealed, they are addressed openly and input is sought from every team member. Staff members take charge of problematic situations and offer multiple alternatives to resolve the issue. The logical solution is always realized with the specific project needs in the forefront of the remedy.

DCBE, Inc. strongly believes that each project should be planned and built on paper prior to ground breaking. The planning process includes a thorough study of the budget, schedule, and viable construction means and methods options. The intricate coordination of the various tradesmen is integral in developing accurate scope packages. These tools are instrumental in streamlining the construction schedule, eliminating unnecessary cost due to incomplete buyout, and minimizing misunderstanding of work responsibilities

Consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations, partnering the different trades to effectively coordinate, working with  suppliers to ensure the proper materials are utilized, assuming the role of single point of contact, constantly analyzing our internal work processes, are all just a sample of the management philosophy and values at DCBE Inc. Our creed is to keep the customers- the Owner, the Architect and Engineer more than satisfied with the craftsmanship and professionalism we bring to each project.

We value the above philosophy and feel it brings a seamless experience to the end user. Tom Morris or John Connelly is personally involved in every project; the buck stops at their desks.

The importance of interactive construction management systems is not quantifiable. At DCBE Inc., we believe that interactive information systems are critical for a successful project. The systems used for budget v. cost control; schedule trade/contract administration; estimating; shop drawing/submittal; building sign offs; daily progress reports; request for information, major issues and pending decisions contract drawing log; architects supplemental instruction log and field sketch log; are unparalleled in the construction community. Whether the value of a project is $100,000; 15 or 50 Million, the systems at DCBE, Inc. will help ensure your construction experience is professionally managed with clear, concise reporting systems that are presented at each monthly project review meeting.

During the design and development process, DCBE, Inc. is very involved in working with the architect(s) and sponsor to ensure the project vision is realized. All value engineering options are prepared by our staff and available for review. Once these options are exhausted; DCBE Inc will match the appropriate tradesmen to each construction activity. DCBE, Inc. has a resource pool, which enables the best available individual talent to work on the project. The ability to secure good buy-outs with complete scopes from the sub-contractors who can execute the degree of finish expected from the owner and the architect is a challenge. Quite often a low bidder can cost more in the long run. Understanding how a scope of work should be performed and who should be delegated the responsibility only comes from experience. DCBE, Inc. brings that experience to the table.


We believe that every Owner and every Project Team has the right to establish the benchmarks for which success of the project is to be evaluated .

We believe that honor, integrity, teamwork, understanding and professionalism are integral to the decision making process.

We believe that the blueprint to success must include hard work, perseverance, and interactive communication skills.

We believe that each project progress sponsor has the right to honest project progress updates including cost and schedule regardless of status.

We believe that our values are the plans and specifications to ensuring a project is a success.


Conceptual and Schematic Initiative
Design Development
     Working Construction Documents
     Project Budget
     Value Engineering
     Site Inspections
     Project Schedule
     Job Safety Program

     Buy Schedule
     Bid Packages-develop, distribute, analyze
     Bidder Interaction-
           Means and Methods
           Further Value Engineering
           Interaction with Architect for Addendas
           Contract Development and Execution
     Facilitation and Procurement of Permits
     Owner Updates
            Project Budget
            Construction Schedule
            Contract Administration Schedule
            Project Drawing/Specification log

Architetural Supplemental Instruction and
            Field Sketches
            Shop drawings/Material submittal log
            Owner Meeting Minutes
            Trade Meeting Minutes
            Technical Meeting Minutes
            General Liability/Insurance log
            Permit Log-Building Department/Dept of

     Quality Assurance Program
           Material Receiving Reports w/ certificates
           of specification compliance
           Submittal Review and Processing
           Manufacturer Interaction and Factory Visits
           Sample Mock ups for Design Team
           Trade Coordination
           100% Supervised Work
      Turn Over
           Itemized Detail Trade Punch List Tracking
           Operating Manual/Warranty Binders
           As-Built Survey and Drawings

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